Introduction to Montenegro

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Montenegro is one of the most beautiful countries in the World. Its natural wealth is very diverse, offering a unique blend of mountain and sea splendor, and Montenegro is commonly referred to as "wild beauty". Montenegro's sea and mountain beauties are situated very close to each other, enabling their enjoyment almost simultaneously.

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In Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," a young woman finds herself shipwrecked on a strange coast. "What country, friends, is this?" she asks.

To paraphrase the famous 19th century romantic poet, Lord Byron said of Montenegro, 'At the birth of our planet, the most beautiful encounter between the land and the sea must have happened at the coast of Montenegro. When the pearls of nature were sown, handfuls of them were cast on this soil.'

This is Montenegro…

Understudy to the Riviera, Diamond in the Rough, The Black Mountain….

Montenegro’s natural wealth is very diverse, offering a unique blend of mountain and sea splendor.  In the morning you can wake up along the sandy beaches of Ulcinj, have lunch on the banks of the second largest lake in Europe - Skadar Lake, and later in the day travel through her stunning Montenegrin mountainside in Bijelo Polje.  Montenegro stirs passionate responses from those who truly appreciate Mother Nature’s greatest gift to mankind…wild beauty.