Investment Opportunities

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Montenegro is full of solid business opportunities for American businesses ranging from internal and external distribution, solid waste and waste water treatment, banking, port development, infrastructure, tourism, and name a few.

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Montenegro is full of solid opportunities for American businesses ranging from internal and regional distribution, solid waste and wastewater treatment, banking, port development, infrastructure, and energy… to name a few. There are 21 municipalities in Montenegro, each offering unique business opportunities for Americans. For example, and while not representative of all the municipalities in Montenegro, the southern municipality of Ulcinj and the northern municipality of Bijelo Polje have exciting opportunities in tourism, infrastructure, and agriculture. Bijelo Polje is also ideal for opportunities in trade and animal husbandry.

To better understand these and other such opportunities in Montenegro let’s take a moment and listen to a few knowledgeable individuals.

Warren Hartenstine:
I think that one of the big opportunities is the distribution within the country itself and then outbound. There are products produced in certain parts of the geography or services provided that don’t extend to other parts of the geography. When you have internal market opportunities that is pretty profound. That is “tomorrow morning” stuff. Once you develop those distribution capabilities they then grow outward and allow you to take more products to more places, which of course increase the intrinsic value of all of the commerce to the local economy.

Charles Dillon:
The opportunities for American businesses in Montenegro as well as the Western Balkans are tremendous. There is a strong need for infrastructure, wastewater treatment, and solid waste management. Also, all industry sectors are under-presented with respect to American businesses. Tourism is a large industry in Montenegro that there is great room for expansion for American businesses in the tourism sector. Everything from the Southern Coast of Montenegro, which is an incredibly beautiful coast – certainly can envision it being the next Monaco – also there’s wonderful tourism opportunities in the Northern part of the country. There’s also very interesting opportunities with respect to establishing solid distribution chains linking the Northern part of Montenegro to the Southern part of Montenegro. Also, using those distribution chains to bring products into the United States from Montenegro as well as the rest of the Western Balkans. Also, a very nice opportunity for American companies would be to look at Montenegro as a gateway to the Western Balkans allowing American companies to export products from the United States into the Western Balkans.

Petar Ivanovic:
We understand the logic of the business which is done here in the United States and we also understand the business culture which exists here, and we are also very much aware of the size of Montenegro. Therefore, we would like to offer large scale projects to US investors – such as the projects which exist in energy, infrastructure – also you may want to know that the first port that you enter on the Adriatic Sea is the Port of Bar and we would like to share the experience in Maryland, or maybe in other states, that can be useful for developing – not necessarily only the port but also services and infrastructure that go together.

Joe DiCara:
Montenegro is very similar to the State of Maryland in that it is by the sea and goes to the mountains. And as a result of that tourism is a very big and important part of the Montenegrin economy. From an environmental standpoint there are certain needs, such as wastewater treatment, potable water, reverse osmosis, infrastructure development, the Port of Bar certainly needs to have some modernization to make it more commercially viable globally.