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Charles T. Dillon, Esq.

Charles T. Dillon, Executive Producer

Owner: Law Office of Charles T. Dillon www.dillonlegal.com
President: U.S. - Montenegro Business Council www.usmnebc.org

Direct: +(410) 459-8644
Fax: +(410) 630-1029
Skype: charles.t.dillon
Email: cdillon@dillonlegal.com

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Mr. Dillon is an internationally known private attorney who represents individuals and businesses in tax and business matters. His practice is dedicated to providing owners and managers of businesses with the advice, support and strategic counsel they require to successfully operate within the laws and regulatory requirements of the United States. He counsels United States and foreign clients on tax planning, tax controversy, corporate structure (incorporations, partnerships, joint ventures), buying and selling businesses, and financing. Mr. Dillon also has a thriving tax practice focused on assisting clients in long-term tax planning as well as representation before the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities.

Mr. Dillon also has extensive professional experience involving government-to-government, business-to-government, and business-to-business relations in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans. In fact, Mr. Dillon is recognized as being one of the foremost United States private attorneys with substantive experience in one of the newest countries in the world - Montenegro (the heart of Southeastern Europe). An example of his experience and efforts in Montenegro as well as the rest of the Western Balkans is that he is the founding director and president the U.S. – Montenegro Business Council (www.usmnebc.org), a nonprofit trade association aimed at promoting trade and investment opportunities between the United States and the Western Balkans. It is also through this organization that Mr. Dillon negotiated with the State of Maryland and Podgorica, Montenegro the establishment of a foreign trade office for the State of Maryland in the Western Balkans (headquartered in Podgorica). As a direct result of these efforts the State of Maryland is the first state of any state in the United States to have a physical presence in the Western Balkans.

Mr. Dillon’s previous legal experience includes working as a law partner with one of Maryland’s largest private law firms, where he managed the Tax Services Department. Mr. Dillon also worked with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (Enforcement Division and Market Regulations), the U.S. Department of Justice (Civil Tax Division), the Internal Revenue Service, Chief Counsel’s Office (Corporate), and the U.S. Tax Court.

Mr. Dillon is also a decorated veteran of the U.S. Navy. For more information, please visit www.dillonlegal.com

Thomas Luhrman

Thomas, Co-Executive Producer Owner: Overhead Crane & Eqipment, Inc. www.overheadcrane.net
Director: U.S. - Montenegro Business Council www.usmnebc.org

Direct: +(410) 238-7066
Fax: +(410) 238-7069
Email: tom@overheadcrane.net
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Peter Ivanovic, PhD.

Peter Ivanovic, Co-Executive Producer

CEO: Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency www.mipa.co.me

Direct: +382 20 203-141, 203-140
Fax: +382 20 202-910
Skype: peter.ivanovic1
Email: ivanovic@t-com.me

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Dr. Petar Ivanovic is the Chief Executive Officer of the Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency (MIPA) and professor at the private university UDG in Podgorica, Montengro. Over the last decade he was the head of two research institutions in Podgorica: the Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development and the Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses. Beside conducting business in Montenegro, Dr. Ivanovic managed projects in Afghanistan and Kosovo. Dr. Ivanovic was also a founder and Vice President of the first private chamber of commerce in Montenegro - the Montenegro Business Alliance. In his spare time he has authored three books, one textbook, and over 100 hundred articles. Dr. Ivanovic is proud to be an honorary citizen of the Indianapolis, Indiana and a an active member of the Mont Pelerin Society and the Philadelphia Society.